The Coorong – South Australia

The Coorong SA Suggpix

The Coorong is a long, narrow lagoon runing parallel with the coastal dunes for 140kms and has a beach that stretches 200km from Encounter Bay to Lacepede Bay, uninterrupted except when the mouth of the Murray River opens to the sea.

A series of lagoons is separated by the sand hills of Younghusband Peninsula from the Southern Ocean, a place of beauty where the only sounds are those of the sea and the cries of more than 240 species of native birds many that migrate annually from Siberia, Alaska, Japan and China. Feel stillness and isolation expressed in dry ephemeral salt lakes and ephemeral carbonate lakes.

This natural sanctuary is a breeding ground for giant pelicans, wild duck, shags, ibis and terns.

The Coorong – a great place to take pictures!

The Coorong, South Australia
The Coorong, South Australia
Coorong Lagoon SA
The Coorong, South Australia


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