Clunes Main St

Clunes – Victorian Gold Rush Town

August 25, 2017 suggpixc 0

Step back into the gold rush era in Clunes – Victorian Gold Rush Town with street-scapes straight out of a colonial history book. This picturesque and laid-back town was once the fifth largest in the […]

Peterborough is in the mid north of South Australia

Peterborough South Australia

August 20, 2017 suggpixc 0

Peterborough is in the mid north of South Australia, at the 2011 census the town had a population of 1,486. It was originally named Petersburg after the landowner however was one of 69 places in […]

Uluru - Northern Territory
Australian Cattle Stations

Outback Australia

December 20, 2016 suggpixc 0

Regional and Outback Australia is the home of iconic landscapes, people, towns and settlements. The spirit of endeavour, acceptance of hardship and close community bonds can be found everywhere and they provide an endless pallet […]

Beaudesert Campdraft 2016
Australian Bushmen's Campdraft and Rodeo Association

Beaudesert Campdraft 2016

April 16, 2016 suggpixc 0

I had the good fortune to stay and watch the Campdrafting for a few days at this event… a wonderful time. From notes on Wikipedia it is thought the sport developed in outback Queensland among […]


Bell, Bunya Highway, Queensland

March 27, 2016 suggpixc 0

Originally the area around Bell on the Bunya Highway in Queensland was part of a large land holding called Jimbour Station. In the 1870s the area was opened up for closer settlement and Angus & […]


Koorawatha – New South Wales

March 19, 2016 suggpixc 0

Township famous for a gun battle between police and the bushranger Ben Hall. Located 337 km from Sydney, Koorawatha is a tiny township on the Olympic Highway between Young and Cowra whose only real claim […]

Bingara is on Australia's History Trail
Australian Photographs

Bingara is on Australia’s History Trail

September 4, 2015 suggpixc 0

Bingara is on Australia’s History Trail in North Western NSW and was a pastoral settlement that commenced in about 1830, it was not until the discovery of Gold in 1853 that the communities of Bingara and Upper Bingara began […]

suggpix deloriane house
Colonial Buildings Australia

Deloraine House – Tenterfield

February 14, 2015 suggpixc 1

The property known as “Deloraine” is a heritage listed house built on two parcels of land which were first purchased in September 1858. The land was granted to Edmund Curry whose descendants still live in […]

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