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This blog and its albums started with Australian photography of early colonial and federation era dwellings, ruins and civic buildings…  in many cases the structures  are well preserved in towns and cities that still have an active  community and business heart.  In other regional centers and old roadside stops, they are derelict and may disappear completely within 20 years.

Each one still has a story to tell and hopefully that story can be captured in a single photograph.

Here is an album of webshots from a recent book “History Highway – Australia”

Regional Australia – A Retrospective

Australian photography is not about architecture, although an understanding of the influences that inspired early private dwellings and civic buildings does add to the back-story of the pictures.

The buildings make an important contribution to the iconic natural landscapes by adding form, historical perspective and a sense of time and place.  In some cases they confirm the fate of those who tried to stand against nature while in others they are a celebration of persistence and achievement.


Over the years the collection of other pictures from cities, streetscapes, beaches,  nature and more  seems to grow uncontrollably.  They will be added as albums during the next year.


Bowen Main Street Qld
Bowen Main Street Qld
Farmhouse Near Bowen Qld
Farmhouse Near Bowen Qld
Kings Beach Bowen Qld
Kings Beach Bowen Qld from the Drone


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  1. Some great pictures here, look forward to seeing more. Suggest you visit Hill End in NSW, don’t forget the camera.

  2. Rob, Yr photos are fantastic! The Aust Outback spirit of adventure, freedom, space. Looking fwd to yr next adventure! @wild_mag

  3. Brilliant #Outback #australian #photos 🙂 If u love #OZ images then @suggpixc is a must to follow 🙂 Laurence Bate ‏@laurencebate

  4. Hey Mate… the pictures of the Red Centre are great and good to see you can use John Williamson’s music in the video.

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