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Sublime design: the Queenslander

23/02/2018 suggpixc 0

The classic Queenslander, whose design can be easily modified to suit our contemporary lifestyles. Wikimedia Commons Lindy Osborne, Queensland University of Technology The Queenslander house is a classic piece of Australian architectural design. With its […]

Clunes Main St

Clunes – Victorian Gold Rush Town

25/08/2017 suggpixc 0

Step back into the gold rush era in Clunes – Victorian Gold Rush Town with street-scapes straight out of a colonial history book. This picturesque and laid-back town was once the fifth largest in the […]

Peterborough is in the mid north of South Australia

Peterborough South Australia

20/08/2017 suggpixc 0

Peterborough is in the mid north of South Australia, at the 2011 census the town had a population of 1,486. It was originally named Petersburg after the landowner however was one of 69 places in […]

Australian Photographs - Glen Innes

Glen Innes – a Renaissance

10/05/2015 suggpixc 0

I have been to Glen Innes many times in the past 20 years and always thought it a shabby and run down place with many historical buildings. However in the past few years it has […]

Australian Photographs

Adelaide – Photographs

14/06/2014 suggpixc 0

North Terrace is Adelaide’s cultural boulevard and is one mile long. It is the home of many excellent examples of early Australian and South Australian architecture, as well as Adelaide’s oldest church, which was built […]