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A new book ” Australia – Bush to Beach” is due for publication in June, 2022.

Prints – you can download a price list here:  SuggPix_PrintPrice

“But it was in Australia that I gained my first impressions of the beauty of the world, and it was the Bush that taught me.” ~ Tom Roberts

“People who truly live in the outback listen to it. What they hear I do not know… What the country says is beyond words.” ~ Ian Parkes

Australian Photography, “History Road” was published in 2019, it van be reviewed and purchased online here:

History Road - Suggpix
The book is now available online at

Australian Photography Books – these old titles are now out of print.

The Scenic Rim. Qld - suggpix - Australian Photographs
The Scenic Rim. Qld – Suggpix – Australian Photographs  2016

Regional Australia - A Retrospective
Regional Australia – A Retrospective – A3  2015

Southeast and Southwest Queensland
Southeast and Southwest Queensland – A4  2014

Country Road Dreaming - A4
Country Road Dreaming – A4  2013

A Two Dogs Production


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