Burra – visit the 19th Century

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Burra is an old mining and agriculture town in the Mid North of South History.  It has become a history and heritage icon, with most of the original commercial buildings and houses still occupied and […]

Cobar, NSW
Australian History

Cobar… Mining, Drought and Resilience

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Cobar is a mining town in the Mid-West of New South Wales.  The local economy relies on gold and base metals mining.  As a consequence, fortunes can fluctuate for the locals (approx. 4000).  At its […]

The Farm Gate
Australian Cattle Stations

The Darling Downs – Queensland

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The more you search the Southern Downs, the more surprises you find.  While the history of the full Darling Downs is a testament to the resilience, perseverance and vision of those early European settlers who […]

The Coorong SA Suggpix
Australian Landscapes

The Coorong – South Australia

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The Coorong is a long, narrow lagoon runing parallel with the coastal dunes for 140kms and has a beach that stretches 200km from Encounter Bay to Lacepede Bay, uninterrupted except when the mouth of the Murray […]

Australian Landscapes

History of Warwick Qld

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History of  Warwick: Patrick Leslie and his two brothers originally settled in the area as squatters, naming their run Canning Downs.  In 1847 the NSW government asked Leslie to select a site on his station […]