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You will find some of the public photo galleries here… photographs taken in Regional Australia mostly…  once you have opened one it will provide links to others.

New pictures are being added monthly and you can use the “new” button in each gallery  to find them for you.

New Gallery Here – April 2015

  1. North Terrace and some Adelaide City… here
  2.  Leyburn-Clifton-Allora,  pictures being added now… here
  3. Numinbah Valley…. here
  4. Pt Adelaide… here
  5. Qld Scenic Rim… here
  6. Western Scenic Rim… here
  7. Warick Qld… here
  8. Central and Northern NSW… here
  9. Goolwa-Middleton SA… here
  10. Darling Downs Qld… here
  11. Colonial Civic Buildings… here

Australian Photography

Major infrastructure projects from Town Halls, Post Offices, Railway Stations, Hotels and Theaters all tell a story of hope and confidence.

Cities like Armidale or Ballarat were better designed in the early 1800’s than places like the Gold Coast in the mid 1900’s.  The legacy of these early nation builders is substantial and evidence of their work can still be found in our increasingly urbanised cities, usually in the shadow of some highrise.

However Regional and Rural Australia is still dominated by colonial and heritage architecture combined with a proximity to the Australian landscape… it is a powerful and reassuring reminder of what makes Australia unique.

The pictures you find in the photo galleries here should be regarded as an entree, the main course lies waiting you… out there.


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