This Victorian Gold Town peaked in 1893.

Formerly Clunes Court House

Clunes was the first town in Victoria to have a recognised gold discovery.  It is about 40 Kms North of Ballarat and had a peak population in the 1870’s of 6300 people.  Today that number is below 1700.

Gold was discovered in 1850. A Post Office opened in 1857 and the Railway Station in 1874.

Gold mining came to an end in 1893, however many substantial buildings of the period had been built and remain today as testament to the prosperity and wealth generated in the first 40 years.

The town has preserved many of its elegant historic buildings and is now one of the most architecturally intact gold towns in Victoria.

A must visit… if you get down that way.

Clunes Main Street
Clunes, an old Victorian Gold Town.
Clunes Post Office
Former Post Office
Clunes Main St
Main St, these former banks are now privately owned.


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