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The property known as “Deloraine” is a heritage listed house built on two parcels of land which were first purchased in September 1858.

The land was granted to Edmund Curry whose descendants still live in the Tenterfield area.

The house changed hands a number of times until it became an Inn in 1877 after further extensions.

John Whitton purchased the property in 1890 and it stayed in the Whitton family until 1963.

Deloraine House

Deloraine House Tenterfield NSW
Deloraine House Tenterfield NSW

It then went through a series of owners, being run as a B&B, Coffee house and at times a Restaurant, until its purchase in September 2004 to be re-opened again as a B&B.

The house is in splendid original condition.

The town of Tenterfield commenced life as a sheep station in 1841 when it was established by Sir Stuart Donaldson, who ran 18,000 sheep on a property.

Known as the ‘Birthplace of our Nation’, Sir Henry Parkes delivered his famous Federation Speech in the Tenterfield School of Arts in 1889, which ultimately led to the Federation of all Australian States in 1901.

Deloraine House, Tenterfield NSW
Deloraine House, Tenterfield NSW

There is more to the region’s history than that one speech. Tenterfield combines colourful and talented legends, songs, key political members, speeches that shaped a nation, a ‘gentleman’ bushranger and wartime training and defence. There are many magnificent Colonial and Victorian buildings in original condition and the Tenterfield Saddler Store is still open for tourists (made famous in the Peter Allen song about his grandfather).

A great place to explore.

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