Birds – Queensland Scenic Rim and Border Ranges

The Scenic Rim and Border ranges are surrounded by National Parks and are home to many species of native birds…  it is biologically diverse and close to  Gondwana Rainforests of Australia World Heritage Areas.

The following information is from the Wildlife Queensland website, you will find more information here

“The Scenic Rim is a relatively mountainous, well-watered and fertile section of a the continent. The Scenic Rim is part of the region (Southeastern Qld and NSW) which has the third highest biodiversity in the country.

It is especially rich in wildlife because:

  • the long volcanic activity has given us more fertile soils than most of the continent, and we also have some of the older sedimentary soils dating back to before the days of the dinosaurs. This provides a diversity of habitats.
  • the topography gives us different climatic conditions and further habitat types. The mountains to the east catch the moisture-laden clouds from the Pacific Ocean but areas to the west are left in what we call a ‘rain shadow’, the annual rainfall gradually decreasing towards the west, but with another pocket of relatively high rainfall as we reach the Main Range. Even just the combination of low-lying, gently undulating land, creeks and rivers, steep rugged gorges, cliffs, small caves and high plateaux provide many habitats and microhabitats.
  • we are near the edge of two climate types – the Mediterranean climate of wet winters a d dry summers that the southern coasts of Australia experience are not too far away, but here we have the tropical pattern of wet summers and dry winters. Many southern species reach their northern limit here or not far from here, and many northern species are close to their southern limit. Thus we are getting diversity from both directions.”

An updated Bird album can be found ➡ here 

Major Mitchell Cockatoo - suggpix
Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Major Mitchell Cockatoo




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